Giordano Francescon

is a young and dynamic oenologist who, since always, follows the growth and development of the agency.
His agronomic-viticultural knowledge place him on the front line towards the world of wine and enable him to better manage the organization of tastings, conferences and symposium for the Wineries.
On strenght of initiative and creative spirit, he demonstrated a great aptitude to organize events, trade fairs, photographic shoots and inaugurations. Over the years he has developed a network of contacts that includes photographers, musicians, bars and restaurants, catering services, sommeliers, wine experts and politicians.
Thanks to his fluency in the English language, he is the reference point of the Agency to manage the foreign contacts and to communicate with the fair organizations and institutions.
With his placement in the company he has immediately shown abilities in corporate image consulting, management of social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, together with the development of a social communication network.

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