Marcello Francescon

concrete and tireless, has always been the front-man of the Agency, that is, the one who handles the relationships with clients, analyzes and solves the problems, both of Wineries and market positioning. Over the time, his work has become mainly an advice activity: for the graphic image; to the labelling or bottling problems; about the rules of law and the effect of the new brand or new packaging at the dealer or the restaurant industry. Thanks to his great capacity for coordination of the complex steps that lead to the end product (between different suppliers, the technical department in the winery and the needs of the sales office), is now well-known and sought after in Italy and abroad.
Mr. Francescon keep himself always informed about the changes of the rules of wine legislation: very appreciated are his interventions to clarify the technical and practical questions that show how often a daring project, thanks to his intervention, will find the right solution and deserved success.

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